This year’s themes for the Inaugural Haas Undergraduate Diversity Conference is “Working & Engaging in a Diverse World: Past, Present and Future.” The intention is to actively explore diversity in the classroom, workplace and through various inter-cultural communication styles.

The mission of the Haas School of Business is to develop leaders who redefine how we do business. Diversity is essential to fulfilling this mission. The Haas Undergraduate Program has developed the Freshman-to-Alumni Program (F2A) which focuses on increasing the applicant pool of historically underrepresented minorities (URM) through programs that motivate and support students in pursuing the undergraduate business major. This is one initiative that helps address diversity; however, it is necessary to expose all Haas undergraduate students to a deeper understanding of the subject and how it translates outside of the classroom.

Please contact Dolann Adams at for sponsorship and or program inquiries regarding the Haas Undergraduate Diversity Conference.

Haas Undergraduate Diversity Conference 2017 Agenda