When you draw a mind map of inclusion with Berkeley Haas at the middle, you end up with a kaleidoscope of choices and opportunities.

Right after smart and welcoming, diverse is one of the first words our students, faculty and staff use to describe the Berkeley Haas community. There are many aspects to our diversity, from race and ethnicity to professional expertise, from research interests to how people like to spend their free time. It encompasses families and faith, and students from other countries and cultures.

We’re part of a premier university that welcomes students from every corner of the globe to study just about any subject you can think of, and some that our faculty and students are in in the middle of thinking up. Cal is home to 36 Nobel laureates and to the free speech movement. We’re the top producer of Peace Corps volunteers and count 183 Olympic medals among our student and alumni.

We’re located in one of the nation’s most diverse and vibrant locations: the San Francisco Bay Area. Riding BART you can hear conversations in Mandarin, Spanish, and Hindi. You can slurp up congee for breakfast, eat a bento box lunch and season your bibimbap with kimchi at dinner–and that’s just a sampling from one of the continents represented in the Bay Area culinary scene.

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