Sandeep Pahuja


“A group of us formed the Gender Equity Initiative dedicated to the goal of having 40% of the class of 2020 be women. We succeeded with the class of 2017! One of the things we want to do is connect new admits with some of the exemplary women among the Haas alumni. We want Berkeley Haas to be in the forefront on this topic, as it is in so many other ways.”

“I went on the Asia Trek in my first year. The highlight had to be when all 60 of us had dinner at the family home of Celine Tran, our classmate who organized the Trek. I couldn’t believe her parents, sister, and husband welcomed 60 people into their home.”

“My International Business Development experience took my team to Brazil, where we helped a company craft a strategy to enter the US market. If all goes well, that same project–and many of the same team–will get to continue working on it in the Lean Launchpad class.”