At the Forefront of Research

Business leaders are faced with changes in markets, organizations, technology, competition, regulation, and international trade. Research by EAP faculty members has contributed to understanding and insights for management in these areas. Not only has it influenced business practices, but EAP research has affected how businesses are regulated and how national and international organizations operate.

EAP faculty have developed critical insights for managers about structuring businesses, structuring contracts and deals with suppliers and with business allies, dealing with diverse customers and employees, competing in deregulated and unregulated markets, managing in the face of currency fluctuations and other aspects of international business. We invented the concept of “Network Externalities” and established new frameworks for analyzing how to compete in E-commerce and other industries where controlling the standard or the network can be a key to success. Our faculty’s research has laid the foundation for understanding financial crises, improving corporate governance, and for understanding strategic interactions generally, which led to EAP’s John Harsanyi being awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Dedicated to Teaching

The EAP group has a long history of dedication to and success in teaching. EAP courses combine solid theoretical grounding with direct applications to the business issues of today and tomorrow. Nearly all senior EAP faculty members have been nominated for a Cheit teaching award; most have won at least once and some have won Cheit awards several times.

A Tradition of Service

Many EAP faculty have held a senior position in the federal government or other public agencies. Among other positions, EAP faculty members have been Chief Economist for the Federal Communications Commission, Deputy Comptroller of the Currency, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics in the Antitrust Division at the Department of Justice, Member of the Governing Board of California Power Exchange Corporation. After a distinguished career of teaching and research, EAP faculty member emeritus Janet Yellen served as Chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and, in 2013, became the Chair of the Federal Reserve System.