Max Auffhammer Receives Prestigious Career Award

June 18, 2024


Energy Institute Faculty Affiliate Max Auffhammer was named a 2024 Association of Environmental and Resource Economist (AERE) Fellow in late May. The AERE Fellows Program recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of environmental and resource economics, including research, mentorship, service in the AERE community, and policy advising.

Among Max’s many accomplishments that led to this award was his creation and running of the Energy Institute’s annual “Grad Camp.” When asked in an interview by Resources for the Future how he thought the profession is doing in terms of its influence on environmental policy, Max offered “I think there are parts where we’re doing extremely well. I think we do have a long way to go on the way we do policy evaluation and learn what policies actually work and which ones don’t. It’s sort of shocking how little we actually know about which policies work and which don’t. I think one thing that we as environmental economists should do is think more aggressively about how we can encourage regulators to do serious ex-post evaluations of what worked and what didn’t.”