Stephen Jarvis to Begin Faculty Position at the London School of Economics after Postdoctoral Research at University of Mannheim

April 20, 2021

Energy Institute graduate student Stephen Jarvis completed his PhD at UC Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group in December 2020. He is now conducting postdoctoral research in Germany at the University of Mannheim working with Professor Ulrich Wagner. In the Fall he will join the London School of Economics as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography & Environment.

Stephen’s research is centered on energy and environmental economics, public policy and data science, with a focus on how energy policy interacts with important environmental issues like climate change and air pollution. Stephen’s job market paper examined the economic costs of Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) attitudes in the context of renewable energy projects. Using data on wind and solar projects in the United Kingdom his research showed how the local impacts on nearby residents affect permitting decisions, leading to significant increases in the cost of deploying renewable energy. The paper is currently available as an Energy Institute Working Paper and was recently featured at our annual POWER Conference.

Stephen has been a graduate student researcher with the Energy Institute since 2016.