Both GOP and Dems See Vindication in Calif. Grid Misery

September 2022

E&E News

Andrew Campbell, Executive Director, discusses renewable energy and California’s electrical grid on E&E News.

“[Campbell] said renewable energy has performed exceptionally well in extreme weather conditions in California and that renewable energy battery storage, which has been built out significantly in California, contributed heavily to meeting peak demand in the evening when solar energy shuts down. 

He added that it’s a good idea for California to reduce carbon emissions to try to mitigate the extreme heat waves and weather California suffered this week. Campbell also said that to avoid future rolling blackouts, it would be a good idea for California to invest in natural gas capacity, an idea that is anathema to climate hawks such as Huffman.

“I think where California has fallen short is not maintaining a commitment to invest in the types of power plants that will operate in the evenings, particularly natural gas power plants,” said Campbell.”