A Furious Industry Backlash Greets Moves by California Cities to Ban Natural Gas in New Construction

March 2021

Inside Climate News 

Lucas Davis, Faculty Affiliate at the Energy Institute, discusses with Inside Climate News the backlash from states responding to the ban of natural gas in new construction. Berkeley, California became the first state in the United States to successfully ban natural gas in new construction. While this influenced other cities to do the same, many in opposition implemented ordinances to prevent the ban from happening.

“Advocates want to make gas ‘the new coal’, and hasten its demise, while the industry wants to reassure investors and convince the public that the bans are a product of fringe politics that will never reach the mainstream…You’re seeing more cities, in states where this is possible, banning natural gas, and you’re seeing more states take preemptive measures…It’s becoming more front-of-mind for policymakers all over.”

Photo: insideclimatenews.org