Texas Just Dodged a Repeat of 2021 Outages, But Its Power Sector Has a Long Way To Go, Analysts Say

February 2022

Utility Dive

Lucas Davis, Faculty Associate, discusses Texas’s new legislation regarding energy and electricity in the Utility Dive article.

“‘The Texas legislation included little about interconnecting ERCOT with the adjacent Eastern and Western electricity transmission systems regulated by FERC’, said Lucas Davis, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business professor of economics. ‘And the FERC-NERC study only briefly mentioned it among “additional recommendations,’ he added. But academic research and Department of Energy studies suggest that with interconnection ‘a whole lot of Texas’ energy problems go away, making electricity more reliable, cheaper, and greener,’ Davis said. ‘Market integration connects energy buyers and sellers, which can reduce average prices and allow the profitable export of abundant Texas wind and solar’, he added.”

Photo: utilitydive.com