UC Climate Experts Warn California Wildfires, Extreme Weather Events Will Get Worse

September 2020


Energy Institute Faculty Affiliate, Maximilian Auffhammer, talks to KPIX about the intense heat and fires that have taken over California. Auffhammer and other experts, have predicted climate change for decades and warn us about this ‘new normal’.

“All the smoke from California’s fires has been trapped thousands of feet high up in our atmosphere, creating a gloomy orange glow over much of the Bay Area. UC Berkeley professor Max Auffhammer has a grim prediction for the future. ‘It’s going to change the way we go about living our lives’ says Auffhammer…’Going forward, the 100 degree days will occur 20 days a summer or 30…Or by the end of the century, some models predict the whole summer will look like this.’”

Photo: pexels.com