Fossil Fuel Use Bumps Up GHG Emissions for First Time in 13 years

February 2020

S&P Global

S&P Global Platts discusses Meredith Fowlie‘s blog post from the Energy Institute Blog in which she evaluates the increase in CO2 emissions over the past few years.

“‘Given how hard the current administration has been working to rescind/revoke/revile regulations that limit air pollution and mitigate climate change, it’s tempting to conclude that these recent jumps are all due to Trump,’ Meredith Fowlie, associate professor in the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, wrote for the University of California Berkeley Energy Institute Blog, published Monday. ‘The truth, of course, is more complicated. One or two years of increasing emissions does not a trend make,’ Fowlie wrote. ‘But the underlying drivers tell us something about where we need to be focusing our attention.'”

Read Fowlie’s post “Is This a Trump Bump” in the Energy Institute Blog.