Staff, Energy Institute at Haas


Karen Notsund is the Associate Director of the Energy Institute at Haas and has been with the Energy Institute since 2001 when it was the University of California Energy Institute. Karen manages contracts and grants for research and events, finances, human resources, and data management. She is also the project manager on many research projects.

Prior to joining the Energy Institute, Karen worked in the telecommunications industry advocating for a new and competitive regulatory framework to encourage facilities-based competition with the incumbent telecommunications companies. She worked for start-up companies, such as Teleport Communications Group and Urban Media; mid-size companies such as XO Communications and IGC Communications, and briefly for an incumbent, AT&T. Karen’s interest in utility regulation began at the California Public Utilities where she was an analyst with the independent Division of Ratepayer Advocates.

Karen Notsund completed two years of the Ph.D. program in agricultural economics at the University of California, Davis, earned a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics at the University of California, Davis, and her bachelor of science degree in economics at the University of Oregon.

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