Wild Bay Area Weather Expected to Continue Overnight Sunday With Lightning, Gusty Winds and Fires

August 2020

The San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that extreme weather could continue to threaten electricity demands. Energy Institute Faculty Director, Severin Borenstein, explains the reason for increased electricity demands and what lies ahead.

“Severin Borenstein, ISO board member and energy economist at UC Berkeley, said Monday will probably be the worst based on the weather forecast. He said the outages are in part because of the ‘crazy weather’ and people’s homes have not had time to cool down in the extreme temperatures so they turn the air conditioning on earlier. ‘When solar goes away when the sun sets, we need other power. We have been rightly phasing out gas plants for very good reasons, but when you combine the lack of replacement for those with the crazy weather, we’re just in the situation where we’re going to be short.'”

Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez, sfchronicle.com