Everything You Need to Know About California’s Plan to Slash Solar Incentives

December 2021

Adding solar panels to a residential home

Los Angeles Times

Energy Institute Faculty Director, Severin Borenstein, provides insight to the Los Angeles Times regarding solar power and the rooftop solar industry.

“Right now, Borenstein said via email, Californians pay electric rates that cover all sorts of utility expenses that have nothing to do with generating power, from clean energy subsidies to projects that reduce the risk of wildfires. He thinks those ‘fixed’ costs should be paid by everyone, allowing for lower electricity rates overall. That might mean less motivation to install solar, but it would also make people more likely to invest in electric vehicles and electric heating — key parts of California’s climate strategy…’If state leaders still want to prioritize rooftop solar, they could avoid shifting costs onto low and middle income households…by subsidizing rooftop systems directly, and transparently, with a program covered by the state budget.'”

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Photo: latimes.com