Fremont Solar Equipment Company to Layoff 350 Workers as Industry Slows

January 3, 2024

CBS Bay Area News

Energy Institute Faculty Director Severin Borenstein discusses the need for solar companies on CBS after recent layoffs at solar equipment company.

“Severin Borenstein, Director of the Energy Institute at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business said the old rate was much too generous, leaving those without solar to pay a higher cost to support the power grid. And he said the new policy will still be a good deal for solar adopters, just not quite as good as before…’The solar industry has fought a very hard fight against this change in policy by saying the new policy would devastate their industry because nobody would find it profitable to put in solar. That’s not true. I think it is a closer call than it used to be, and so fewer people are going to put in solar, but we are not going to see solar go away,’ said Borenstein.”