As The Costs Of Germany’s Nuclear Phase Out Mount, Little Appetite For A Rethink

January 2020


Forbes discusses a new paper by Energy Institute Graduate Student Researcher Stephen Jarvis and co-authors, about the after-math of nuclear power plant shut-downs in Germany. The paper estimates the increase in air pollution and harm to human health. describes how damaging it can be.

“To the paper’s authors—economists Stephen Jarvis, Olivier Deschenes and Akshaya Jha—this was a surprise. ‘One of the most striking findings in our study is that by far the largest cost of the phase-out is the increased mortality risk associated with exposure to local pollution,’ Jarvis wrote in an email. ‘Despite this, most of the discussion of the phase-out, both at the time and since, has focused on electricity prices and carbon emissions–air pollution has been a second order consideration at best.'”

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