Electric Vehicles are Driven Less Often Than Policymakers Think, Study Says

February 2021


Moving forward with the Biden Administration, the future of electric cars looks promising notes Axios. While policymakers have data to show electric car use, new studies have proved that electric cars are driven half as much as the average conventional car. James Bushnell and Catherine Wolfram weigh in, emphasizing the importance of this research to ensure electric cars are on the right path towards a cleaner future.

“Study authors with the University of Chicago and the University of California explored how much home electricity use changes after the EV purchase…They then used this data to estimate how much these EVs were being driven, factoring in estimates of out-of-home charging”. “The estimates are important for assessing the climate and pollution-cutting benefits of EVs, and have implications for investment decisions about power distribution equipment, it states”.

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Photo: axios.com