2013 POWER Conference on
Energy Research and Policy
Friday, March 22, 2013

Joseph Wood Krutch Theater
Clark Kerr Campus
University of California, Berkeley
2601 Warring Street
Berkeley, CA 94720


Morning Sessions

8:00am-9:00am: Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00am-9:15am: Welcome

9:15am-10:45am: Session 1

“An Economic Framework for Evaluating Energy Efficiency Rebound” Severin Borenstein (University of California, Berkeley)

“Free Riders and the High Cost of Energy-Efficiency Subsidies” Judson Boomhower and Lucas Davis (University of California, Berkeley)

Alan Sanstad (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Michael Shellenberger (The Breakthrough Institute)


11:10am-12:40pm: Session 2

“How Do Consumers Respond to Dynamic Pricing? Experimental Evidence of Variable Critical Peak Electricity Pricing in Japan” Takanori Ida (Kyoto University), Koichiro Ito (Stanford University), and Makoto Tanaka (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

“The Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Behavioral Interventions: Experimental Evidence from Energy Conservation” Hunt Allcott (New York University) and Todd Rogers (Harvard University)

Michael M. Perry (Freeman, Sullivan & Co.)
David Rapson (University of California, Davis)

12:40pm-2:10pm: Lunch

2:10pm-2:15pm: Welcome Back

2:15pm-3:00pm: Session 3

“Changes in the Economic Value of Variable Generation at High Penetration Levels: A Pilot Case Study of California” Andrew Mills and Ryan Wiser (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Meredith Fowlie (University of California, Berkeley)


3:25pm-4:55pm: Session 4

“Firm Trading Behaviour and Transaction Costs in the European Union’s Emission Trading System: An Empirical Assessment” Jūrate Jaraitė (Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics, Sweden) and Andrius Kažukaukas (Umeå University, Sweden)

“Pass-through of Emissions Costs in Electricity Markets” Natalia Fabra ( Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Mar Reguant (Stanford University)

“Forecasting Demand and Supply in California’s Cap and Trade Market” Elizabeth M. Bailey (University of California, Berkeley), Severin Borenstein (University of California, Berkeley), James Bushnell (University of California, Davis), Frank Wolak (Stanford University), and Matthew Zaragoza (University of California, Berkeley)

Dallas Burtraw (Resources for the Future)
Ray Williams (Pacific Gas and Electric)

5:00pm – 6:30pm: Reception with music provided by the jazz combo “Solar Wind”