Studying the Real Impacts of Climate Change Policies – July 2023

Woman Smiling, with hair pulled back. hite shirt.Environmental Insights – A Podcast by Robert Stavins

Meredith Fowlie, Energy Institute Faculty Director talks about her work on environmental regulation and environmental justice, as well as her thoughts on today’s climate activism on Robert Stavins’ latest Environmental Insights podcast episode.

“’I’ve been thinking about these elevated concerns in a number of respects. One is, who is paying for climate mitigation and adaptation? These are needed investments, but how we make these investments has some implications for who ends up paying, and sometimes that’s unintentional,’ she notes. ‘Part of my research is thinking about how we’re paying for climate mitigation and adaptation, and who ends up paying the cost. A second concern is cap-and-trade programs and the environmental justice concerns about those programs, particularly in California, and program design changes we could consider making in light of those concerns.’”