Graduate Researcher Susanna Berkouwer examines her work with the Economic Development & Institutions on governments optimizing electricity programs. In the Oxford Policy Management Blog, she says that over a billion people currently live without access to electricity in their homes – specifically in rural areas of Africa.

Power for the People: How Should Governments Develop Electric Grids? – November 2019

The Oxford Policy Management Blog

“Over the next several decades, a lot of these rural electrification projects are going to be rolled out across the world. A lot more people are going to have access to electricity; questions you might ask are: 1. How can the government optimize roll out? 2. How can construction quality be improved and cost minimized?, and 3. How can citizen experience be optimized?

We are working closely with Kenya Power, and also completing our own surveys asking people about their experiences in getting access to electricity, and engineering surveys measuring the quality of the grids in those villages.”

Photo: Damian Patkowski on Unsplash