EGAL Advisory Council

We deeply appreciate the support and insight we receive from our Advisory Council. These dedicated individuals help shape and drive the vision of our Center.

Larissa Roesch, MBA ’97
Chair of the EGAL Advisory Council
Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Dodge & Cox
Holly Liu
Co-Founder Kabam
Khalida Ali
Senior Manager of Diversity & Inclusion
Swati Mylavarapu
Managing Partner,
Karin Bauer, MBA ’94
Program Manager, Berkeley Blockchain Initiative
Kathryn O’Connor, BS ’98
Senior Vice President, AllianceBernstein LP
Jamie Breen
Assistant Dean, MBA Programs for Working Professionals, Haas Business School
Carrie¬†Schwab-Pomerantz, BA ‘82
President and Board Chair, Charles Schwab Foundation; SVP, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.; Chairman of the Board, Schwab Charitable
Nancy Calderon, BS ’86
KPMG Global Lead Partner for IBM
Komal Shah, EWMBA ’97
VP of Products, Qlue Inc.
Donna Wills Colson, EWMBA ’94
Vice Mayor
Amy Slater
Vice President of Inside Sales, Palo Alto Networks
Mike Dillon, MBA ’79
US Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, PwC
Allan Spivack, MBA ’79
RGI Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie DiMarco, BS ’79
Co-Founder Advent Software
Owatha “Tootie” Tatum, EMBA ’15
Founder and CEO, Blackhawk Genomics
Kathy Downing, MBA ’86
Managing Director, Golden Seeds
Hannah Wolf
Digital Operations
Elena Gomez, BS ’91
CFO, Zendesk
Nancy Green
President and CEO, Athleta (GAP)