It is critical for all of us to prioritize addressing anti-Blackness and racism as we work towards a more equitable “new normal.” Amidst the global pandemic and climate crisis, we at Haas must live true to our Defining Leadership Principles by advancing racial equity and inclusion. EGAL (with the help and support of the Haas DEI team) has developed a space for us to begin doing this work. We are proud to present the virtual anti-racism commitments whiteboard.

Stakeholders in the Haas community are encouraged to commit to at least 1-2 concrete, measurable actions to combat racism in their personal and/or professional lives. The post-it format is aimed at helping participants frame good intentions into impactful action items, and the visual medium holds participants accountable to their commitments. We hope this whiteboard also serves as a launch pad for folks outside of Haas who are looking to embark on their own anti-racism journeys.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to share your commitments using this form. Those who submitted prior to September 30 were given the opportunity to be matched with an “accountability buddy” with similar commitments — while we are no longer conducting these matches, we encourage you to share your commitments, resources, and learnings with a friend / family member / colleague for a more enriched experience.

Importantly, we recognize that this is only one initial step towards effectively mitigating racism and is not sufficient in and of itself. We encourage you to seek out resources, have important conversations, and continue to champion equity fluency on an ongoing basis — and to use this whiteboard as a launchpad and checkpoint at various points in your journey.

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