Emily Wu

Marketing Assistant

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Emily is an undergraduate senior at UC Berkeley double majoring in Media Studies & History and minoring in Human Rights. She values work that empowers people, especially employees and underserved groups in the community. In the past, Emily has interned at Deloitte Consulting, T-Mobile, HarperOne, and Make-A-Wish Spain, where she integrated her skills and passions for DEI and social impact into her work. Post-graduation, Emily hopes to pursue a career in Corporate Social Responsibility.

How have your lived experiences influenced your work at EGAL?

My lived experiences as an Asian American, a woman, and a first-generation immigrant have fueled my passion in fighting for and helping marginalized communities. My lived experiences have influenced my work at EGAL to always take into consideration and ensure the inclusivity of all backgrounds and the uplifting of diverse voices.

Which EGAL initiative are you most proud of and why?

The AmpEquity Speaker Series is the EGAL initiative I’m most proud of. It amplifies diverse voices and perspectives, fosters important discussions on equity and inclusion, and creates long-term reflection and learning — all of which are so powerful and necessary.

Who is an Equity Fluent Leader that you admire?

Rachel Cargle is an Equity Fluent Leader that I admire. She is bold, brave, and compassionate. She powerfully uses her voice to create intellectual discourse and encourage critical thinking on the intersection of race and feminism. She champions the understanding and amplification of different lived experiences and fosters dialogue on anti-racism with millions, tirelessly igniting change for positive impact in our communities.