Priscilla Mendoza

Events Assistant

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Priscilla is a first-generation undergraduate student from Santa Ana, California. She is currently a junior majoring in Business Administration at Berkeley Haas and intends to work in multicultural marketing in order to address the needs of people of color and further bolster their representation in the business community. She is extremely passionate about uplifting the Latinx community and volunteers for the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project outside of school. On campus she’s helped students as a Health Worker in the residential dorms and develops her marketing skills through her involvement in the Undergraduate Marketing Association and SUPERB Productions.

How have your lived experiences influenced your work at EGAL?

Growing up in a traditional Mexican household where gender roles were emphasized and enforced motivated me to challenge the assumptions and stereotypes that Black and brown women face in their homes, higher education, and in the workplace. My identity as a woman of color has largely shaped how I navigate business and professional environments. I’ve often been met with doubt, however, I’ve sought to change the perception of business as a male-dominated field. Because of this, my long term vision has always been to ultimately empower communities of color, especially women of color, within business and at EGAL, I get to do just that! In my role, I’ve helped coordinate events that provide students and professionals with resources to expand upon DEI in business and have necessary conversations about gender, racism, and accessibility in the workplace. Working at EGAL has provided me with so much knowledge about current obstacles in business and in the world and I’ve been lucky to be a part of a team that is constantly working towards making this world a more equitable place.

Which EGAL initiative are you most proud of and why?

The Investing in Inclusion Pitch Competition is my favorite EGAL initiative because it supports start-ups that emphasize DEI in their business. I am proud of how EGAL not only aims to develop Equity Fluent Leaders at Haas but goes above and beyond to invest in up and coming DEI professionals all over the country. They provide these start-ups with the financial capital to build upon their business models that ultimately benefit thousands of people in need of service and resources!

Who is an Equity Fluent Leader that you admire?

I admire Safiya Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression, for the research she has done to expose algorithmic bias within tech. She has sparked a global conversation on the way that racism and oppression are transforming in this new age of technology and it’s amazing how much change she has enacted within big tech companies such as Google.