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Business Case for Gender Diversity

The Business Case for Gender Diversity (PDF) outlines research related to diversity in the workplace/in leadership, as well as business impacts. Please note that this compendium is not exhaustive of all the research that exists on the topic.

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Business Case for Investing in Diversity

The Business Case for Investing in Diversity (PPT) is meant to serve as a pitch deck to gain company senior leadership support for progressing DEI efforts. It connects diversity to five key drivers of financial performance.


Business Case Tracker

The Business Case Tracker catalogues additional research on the business case for gender diversity, and diversity more broadly. It also includes research that illustrates negative, null, or conflicting findings related to the business case.

Access key areas of the tracker below, as well as an expanded version here. In the table below, you can select the column header to sort or search terms of interest in the search bar.

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