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Dialogues on Race

The course content focuses on business opportunities and solutions that create value for the firm and for society. We will address gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and sexual orientation/ identification. You will leave prepared to implement inclusive leadership and business strategies. The professor creatively engages with multiple teaching methods. The material is a combination of data, cases, and experiential tools designed to increase inclusion and diversity in the workplace. There are three modules: Culture & Context; Strategy & Policy; Individual Leadership.

Equity Fluent Leaders: The Value of Inclusion & Diversity

Dialogues on race is a student-led seminar in which a diverse group of students meets regularly to: reflect on how our racial identities have impacted our experiences; listen to and learn from others — both those who share our experiences and those who don’t; build understanding and conviction around how race and racism impact our personal and professional communities; and make concrete plans for interrupting racist systems and creating inclusive environments at Haas and beyond.

“Five years after graduating I returned to audit Professor McElhaney’s course and am appreciating just how savvy the students are on world and social issues compared to any group I experienced during my time at Haas previously. These students truly represent the equity fluent leadership McElhaney touts. Being in the presence of this caliber of discussion is a welcome reset for my intellect.” – Laurie Peterson, Founder & CEO, Build & Imagine

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