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Berkeley Haas Blockchain & Crypto: On Web2.5 with Techstars Startup Founders


Virtual |
May 6, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Web3 has been and still is a buzzword. As much as there is great utility to be reaped from blockchain and crypto, Web3 is nowhere close to perfectly replacing Web2. And maybe it is not meant to be this way. 

Many of us are sticking to Web2 for a reason, and even with Web3, both will co-exist for some time until later we broadly term both as just “the Web”. After all, we still use both credit cards and good-old cash to buy things. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are surely here to stay, so the question is how they will become part of the norm, not because Web3 wants them to, but because Web2 asks them to. 

Berkeley Haas Blockchain & Crypto Interest Group (BHBC) is excited to bring together a panel of 3 startup founders for a conversation about this very mission. 

Backed by Techstars, one of the biggest accelerators in the world, Ivan (Moss), Tarek (hyphen Labs), Alin (Vestinda) share their battle-hardened insights and perspective on the need for Web2.5 – Web2 with Web3 infrastructure. 

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Investors, startup founders, and those new to Web3 are all welcome to join.