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East Bay Alumni: Strategies For A Greater Global Future With Professor Olaf Groth


KW Commercial 4937 Telegraph Ave., Suite A Oakland, CA 94609 |
October 19 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

he East Bay Chapter of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network invites you to a seminar by Professor Olaf J. Groth. 

In this talk, based on research with 100 senior leaders around the world for his forthcoming book, The Great Remobilization: Strategies & Designs for a Greater Global Future (available in stores on October 17th), thought-leader and scholar-entrepreneur Professor Olaf Growth identifies tectonic shifts in the operating system and architecture of the global economy. The 6C forces (COVID-like pandemics, cognitive technologies, crypto & web 3, cybersecurity, climate and carbon, China) converge to create tectonic shifts in our prevailing Globalization 1.0 paradigm toward Globalization 2.0: The Cognitive Economy. 

This is accompanied by political, societal, and economic turmoil, which in turn creates new opportunities and risks for executives, investors and policy makers alike. 

Through Professor Groth’s new FLP-IT framework that leverages foresight, visioning and strategic leadership techniques, we can chart a path into this future, taking us to new growth horizons while enhancing trust and anti-fragility for our stakeholders. 

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The book is shortlisted for the 2023 Thinkers50 Strategy Award and is available for pre-orders at https://www.amazon.com/dp/0262047934/ 

Speaker Profile: https://haas.berkeley.edu/faculty/olaf-j-groth/ 
Professional Faculty—Strategy, Technology, Futures & Policy Senior Adviser & Executive in Residence, Institute for Business Innovation Faculty Director—Future of Technology Visiting Scholar, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy