Outdoor Space Reservation Information and Process

The Haas Courtyard is available for occasional, outdoor, in-person meetings for instructional use through June 15th. The Haas Courtyard may be reserved by Haas Faculty members and Haas Program Office Staff for students and faculty.

Please follow the guidelines and steps below to book outdoor space within the Haas School of Business.

Health & Safety Responsibilities for the Host of an Outdoor Space Activity:

  1. All attendees must be wearing proper face covering, and have current Green badge status.
  2. Total number of occupants must not exceed space occupancy limits, which is currently set at 70.
  3. Occupants must maintain the minimum physical distance of 6 feet from each other at all times.

1. Make Reservations Through RoomRes

Reservations are only for current Haas Faculty and Program Staff, and must be sent to roomres@haas.berkeley.edu with the following information:

Name of event:



For any questions, email roomres@haas.berkeley.edu (Open M-F, 9 am – 5 pm, except Holidays and other Campus closures).

2. On the Day of Your Visit

  1. Have your Green badge ready to present to onsite staff or Faculty.
  2. Complete the Campus Daily Symptom Screener (needs to be completed for each day you are planning to be at Haas/Campus).
  3. Wear a face covering. No face covering, no entry – and no exceptions.

More Details

  • Face coverings and social distancing protocols must be in place at all time while on campus
  • In addition, all attendees (and hosts) must enroll in the badge system and have a green badge, indicating that you are up to date with required testing.
  • Hosts should have card-key access to their home department building in case students need to use a restroom.
  • The standard power outlets in the Haas Courtyard are live and useable for attendees using the outdoor spaces
  • All outdoor meeting spaces have no A/V equipment installed (beyond AirBears2 WiFi access), please email roomres@haas.berkeley.edu if questions on a specific A/V need
  • Any activity conducted in outdoor spaces should have a log of attendees that includes name and their contact information.

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