The EWMBA Program office is committed to providing multifaceted support to help working professionals make the most of their academic experience, during your time as a student with us and beyond.

Your academic advisor will provide programming and individual attention to help you design an individual study plan that is tailored to your personal and professional needs.

Partnering with the Haas Career Management Group, we can help refine individual career goals and vision and develop an actionable plan.

Any member of our EWMBA Program Office staff will be happy to help answer any general questions about academic policies, registration and enrollment processes and procedures. Contact the program office for the types of questions that apply to all students:

[email protected]

Advisors can assist with any personal or professional challenges that may arise during your time as a student, and are able to help with administrative processes such as: graduation date changes, leave of absence requests, and so on. Please review the appropriate academic policies prior to meeting with your advisor.

To discuss your unique situation, schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor to create a tailored plan of study that will help you meet your goals: