As students of a member Global Network for Advanced Management school, EWMBA students have access to online and international courses for course credit.

Small Network Online Courses (SNOCs) allow students to experience a global business perspective without leaving their own country.

Global Network Weeks (GNWs) allow students to study at one of GNAM’s member schools at a variety of international locations.

EGADE Mexico City, Mexico – June 2018

EGADE Mexico City, Mexico – March 2018

UGBS Accra, Ghana – March 2018

Registration Process
1. Review the Course Offerings communicated by the program office.
2. Discuss the registration process with Mark Gorenflo, Director of Academics, EWMBA.
3. Units in GNAM courses count against your non-Haas and one unit limits.

Unit equivalents will be based on instructional hours (15 hours = 1 unit; 30 hours = 2 units; 45 hours 3 units).