EWMBA Commencement Awards

EWMBA graduates are eligible for EWMBA Commencement Awards. The awards are the opportunity for each graduating class to recognize their classmates who truly embody the spirit of Haas through the Defining Leadership Principles and have made a lasting impact on the community. This could mean they make a difference here at Haas, or in their professional lives (or both). Nominations will be solicited from the graduating class and winners are voted upon by the graduating class. The Berkeley Leader award is chosen through a separate process.

Class of 2019 – nominations due 5PM on March 13.  

Question the Status Quo Award
We lead by championing bold ideas, taking intelligent risks and accepting sensible failures. This means speaking our minds even when it challenges convention. As leaders and creative thinkers, we thrive at the world’s epicenter of innovation. This award recipient should embody these characteristics.

Confidence Without Attitude Award
We make decisions based on evidence and analysis, giving us the confidence to act without arrogance. We lead through trust and collaboration. This award recipient should embody these characteristics.his award embodies these characteristics.

Students Always Award
We are a community designed for curiosity and lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. We know that there is always more to learn. We strive to engage with others in continuous pursuit of knowledge and growth. This award recipient should embody these characteristics.

Beyond Yourself Award
We shape our world by leading ethically and responsibly. As stewards of our enterprises, we take the longer view in our decisions and actions. This often means putting larger interests above our own. This award recipient should embody these characteristics.

The Berkeley Leader Awardchosen by committee, not by student vote
The Berkeley Leader redefines how we do business by embodying our defining leadership principles. This award recipient should demonstrate sharing our defining leadership principles, aspiring to live our principles, or living them/put them into practice.

Graduation with Honors Designations & Academic Achievement Award

The top 10% of students in each graduating class, as measured by GPA, will have the distinction of Graduation with Honors. Students who completed coursework in December and May candidates will be recognized at Commencement. However, the final determination for Graduation with Honors will occur a few weeks after Commencement and will be based on the cumulative GPA for all courses completed during the MBA Program. The program also recognizes the Academic Achievement Award, awarded to the student with the highest GPA. This will also be announced at WE Lead and recognized on stage at Commencement.

Student Commencement Speaker

Self-nominations due 5PM on March 13.

One student will be selected to represent the Class of 2019 as the student speaker for the commencement ceremony. This is a unique opportunity to address all MBA graduates and their friends and family. The Evening & Weekend and Full-Time MBA programs each select a student speaker to give a 5-minute address. If you would like to represent the EWMBA Program and your class, please complete the self-nomination form using these guidelines:

  • Submit 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you would like to be the commencement speaker and the content of your speech. These will be shared with the graduating class during the voting process.
  • Optional link to a YouTube video (under 3 minutes) can also be accepted with your statement as a sample of your public speaking to be shared with your class.
  • Nominees will be voted on by students.