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  1. Bidding Timeline
  2. Bid Point Table
  3. How to Bid
  4. Bidding Round 1
  5. Bidding Round 2
  6. After Bidding Ends
  1. Bidding Timeline Bidding for electives will occur in the preceding semester (mid-Spring for Fall and Summer, mid-Fall for Spring).There is now a bidding process for the Summer semesters. Bidding is not meant to complete your Fall/Spring/Summer schedule. For a schedule of when bidding will occur, please visit the Registration Timeline.
  2. Bid Point Table
    Year in Program 3rd year
    2nd year
    1rst year
    Semester Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Summer Summer
    Bid Points Rd 1 3,000 3,000  3,000 1,000 1,500 3,000 1,000
    Bid Points Rd 2 < – – – – Refunded unsuccessful bid points – – – – >
    Units 9 9 9 3 9 9 9
    1. All students will be able to bid on both evening & weekend electives regardless of your assigned core cohort.
  3. How to Bid
    1. Log on to OLR with CalNet Username and Password.
    2. Click on the most current process, i.e. “Spring 2020 Bidding.”
  4. Bidding Round 1
    1. See the Bid Point Table above for the number of bid points and unit limit based on your year in the program.
    2. If you are enrolled in any courses for the following semester prior to bidding those units will count towards your unit max.
    3. Please keep in mind important Unit Requirements.
    4. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 units for the term in which they wish to receive Financial Aid.
    5. At the end of Round 1, the Program Office will process all of the bids. If students’ bids are successful, they will be enrolled in the course(s). If students’ bids are unsuccessful, the bid points will be returned to them to use in Round 2.
  5. Bidding Round 2
    1. Only students with unused or refunded bid points from unsuccessful bids from Round 1 and who have not met the unit maximum limit can bid in Round 2. When these students log into OLR, they will be able to see their results and bid on any unfilled electives up to their unit maximum.
    2. If students are enrolled in courses from Round 1, these cannot be dropped during Round 2. Students can only drop courses during Add/Drop.
  6. After Bidding Ends
    1. If you were unable to secure any classes after bidding, please contact your advisor to discuss your options.
    2. After bidding, students will have an opportunity to add and drop classes during the Add/Drop period, which will start at the beginning of each semester.

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