Enrollment for summer electives is done in through the Bidding and Add/Drop processes. There is one round of Bidding and two rounds of Add/Drop, followed by one Drop Only round. Deadlines for the process will be posted to the Registration Timeline.

Please note, financial aid may not be available for summer courses due to the 6 unit minimum requirement. Please contact the Financial Aid office to discuss your options (510.643.0183, [email protected]).

Summer Electives

For summer electives students can select a course during either Bidding or Add/Drop, via the Haas On-Line Registrar (OLR) website.

Keep in mind:

  1. Bid points are assigned by seniority (rising 3rd years, then rising 2nd years).
  2. The maximum course load students can enroll in is 9 units.
  3. When Add/Drop is completed and the process is run, students are prioritized by seniority in the program and randomized within seniority. At the end of Add/Drop, we will maintain a ranked waitlist for the class (by seniority and randomized within seniority).
  4. After each round is processed, students can log back into OLR to view their enrollment results under the “enrollment & results” tab.
  5. To drop a class, log back into OLR and drop the class by the Drop Only deadline before classes start (see Registration Timeline for specific dates).
  6. If you are on the waitlist for a class after Add/Drop ends, there is still a chance you could get automatically enrolled in the class should someone drop during the Drop Only Round. If you are on a waitlist and decide not to take the class, please drop yourself from the waitlist by the end of the Drop Only Round.

Courses with Special Sign-Ups

During the Summer, students will have the opportunity to sign up for other academic opportunities, including:

These opportunities will have a unique sign up process. Please refer to the email sent by the Program Office regarding these opportunities.