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WE Innovate: MPAR (Mid-Program Academic Retreat) is a Fall Semester, one-unit academic requirement for the EWMBA Program. It provides an opportunity to reflect on and apply the tools you have acquired at Haas over the first half of the program, learn and apply new tools, create a common student experience, and to continue the networking process with your classmates that began at WE Launch. It is organized as a weekend long “design sprint”, and includes an additional, required launch session in December. All students are enrolled in the class on a pass/no pass basis.

The academic focus for WE Innovate is “Innovation and Foresight” work – which involves planning for exponential change, thinking “beyond the headlights”, and applying design thinking style tools to potential long term industry disruptions and transformation. You’ll be asked to select a broad industry area to focus on, and help inventory emerging drivers of change at the launch session. At the design sprint in January, you’ll work in cross-cohort teams to develop specific concepts that support “The Good Life” – a future scenario where innovation, growth, and transformation lead to a better world for our communities, society, and the planet.

All students in their second year are required to attend this off-site retreat, as it is a course required for graduation.

Important Dates & Schedule

WE Innovate 2021 will be held Friday, January 15 – Sunday, January 17, 2020.

For reference, view the 2020 schedule here.

Date Item Where?
Dec 2, 6-9PM WE Innovate Launch Pre session-Blue Cohort TBD
Dec 3, 6-9PM WE Innovate Launch Pre session-Gold Cohort TBD
Dec 6. 2-5PM WE Innovate Launch Pre session-Axe/Oski Cohort TBD
Jan 15, 10am WE Innovate begins Napa, CA
Jan 17, 12:30pm WE Innovate ends Napa, CA

WE Innovate Launch Sessions will be required as part of your grade for the weekend. Attendance during the entire weekend is required to successfully complete this degree requirement.

Location & Hotel Logistics

WE Innovate: MPAR 2021 will be held in Napa, CA. Expect to arrive before 10 am on Friday Jan 15. The weekend will conclude mid-day on Sunday Jan 17. Transportation will not be provided to the hotel. If you do not have transportation, please plan on carpooling with classmates to the resort.

Hotel accommodations and meals will be provided. You can expect to be paired with another student in a double room. The weekend is for current EWMBA students only and we cannot accommodate additional guests. You will be given the opportunity to request a roommate.


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Important Documents & Links

WE Innovate 2021 FAQ

For general inquiries about We Innovate, contact:

Avni Kansara
Director of Student Experience

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