We Innovate MPAR

WE Innovate is a Fall Semester, one-unit academic requirement for the EWMBA Program. It provides an opportunity to reflect on and apply the tools you have acquired at Haas over the first half of the program, learn and apply new tools, and create a common student experience. 

WE Innovate Academics

Since the course traditionally uses a team based “learn by doing” workshop format that does not comply with current COVID 19 safety measures, it will be delivered in a remote (Zoom) format for the class of 2022 due to the ongoing COVID 19 safety measures. The virtual WE Innovate course will be more tightly connected with the core Fundamentals of Design Thinking course. 

The revised course consists of:

  • Asynchronous lectures on key workshop topics
  • Student-scheduled team work sessions in October and/or November
  • Mandatory team-level coaching session(s) with your FDT instructor
  • A scheduled final session in December
    • Wed Dec 2, 6-9PM: Blue Cohort
    • Thur Dec 3, 6-9PM: Gold Cohort
    • Sun Dec 6, 2-5PM: Axe & Oski Cohort

WE Innovate Class Celebration

The EWMBA Program Office is still planning an optional, in person WE Innovate Class Celebration at the Meritage in Napa. 

Current, tentative plan includes*:

  • Arrive at The Meritage on Sunday, January 17, 2021 at mid-day
    • WE Innovate Registration and room check in
    • Rooms will be assigned to individuals to accommodate social distancing requirements (previously, 2 students shared a room)
    • Significant others will be welcome to attend (previously, this was prohibited)
  • Scheduled events for Sunday evening will include a reception, keynote address, dinner, and dancing (still in planning)
    • We are planning virtual receptions and live streaming of the keynote address for those students who are unable to attend in person
  • Check out on Monday, January 18, 2021

* These details may change. All of our plans are predicated on public health guidance and receiving permission from UC Berkeley to organize these off-campus events. If such permission is not forthcoming, the EWMBA Program Office will plan for another WE Innovate Class Celebration when possible.