Eminent faculty. Exceptional peers. Top-ranked programs. A distinctive culture. All that drew you to this incredible community in the first place will continue to add value as an alum.

Our strength comes from one another. Maximize your return on this unparalleled community.

The Alumni Network

So much of the Berkeley Haas experience is the #haasome individuals that you meet and stay in touch with after graduating. Composed of lifelong learners, friends, and colleagues, the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network is your community, your tribe.

From your first day as a Berkeley MBA student, you are able to leverage the power of one of the best professional networks on the planet.

As a Berkeley Haas EWMBA student and alum, you are connected to a robust base of support—no matter where your career takes you. There are more than 43,000 Haas School graduates and over half a million UC Berkeley grads who are part of your highly engaged network—a lifelong resource for learning, growth, and connections in more than 100 cities around the globe.

Among the school’s alumni are leading names in business, including those who serve or have served as C-level officers at Google, McKinsey, Novartis, Citibank, Intel, Adobe, and Facebook. Whether they work in Fortune 500 companies or have launched a social impact startup, Berkeley Haas graduates are redefining the way business is done in pharmaceuticals and in finance, in consulting and in tech, in government and in education.

Connect and Engage Globally

Whether in Shanghai, Santiago, London, or New York, you’ll find local alumni who get together often to exchange ideas and strengthen their personal and professional contacts at chapter and regional gatherings. In addition, a variety of alumni groups based on special interests—from Crypto & Blockchain to real estate to Sustainability —provide additional insights and contacts. Stay up-to-date by connecting with Berkeley Haas on social media and frequenting the worldwide alumni events calendar. If you’d like to hear about alumni events in your region, please subscribe here.

Celebrate with Signature Alumni Events

Stay engaged with Berkeley Haas and fellow alumni at our annual signature events , including the annual Alumni Conference and MBA Reunion, career networking gatherings, and esteemed speaker forums.

Lifelong Learning

We believe in being Students Always.

After you graduate, lifetime auditing privileges at Haas allow you to continually renew your business education. The opportunity to audit elective MBA courses (space-permitting and with faculty permission) means you can learn new skills, refresh existing ones, remain current in your industry, and continue to build your network.

You also enjoy exclusive access to the thought leadership of Berkeley Haas faculty and distinguished alumni through your discount on Executive Education courses and access to the OneHaas Alumni Podcast and Haas Amplified, our online video and digital storehouse. Staying inspired by our leading insights can help you keep your Berkeley Haas edge.

Professional Resources

Make your next move your best move. Berkeley Haas’ career management tools help you shine in any job market.

Whether it’s promoting your personal brand, making new connections, or hiring Haas grads, we can pave the way for each new milestone in your career.

Upon graduation, you have lifelong access to a suite of alumni career services that includes advising services, tools and workshops, and job boards. At any time, Alumni Career Services is there to help you customize a strategy for your next move, sharpen your self marketing or negotiation skills, retool your resume, and stay at the top of your game.