The EWMBA Program Office looks forward to working with you. Please review the Academic Preparation and University Requirement sections for important information and action items that you will need to complete in preparation for the program. Check back often for updated announcements as we approach the start of the semester.

Welcome to the EWMBA Class of 2027 Program Office – EW Program Office Welcome Webinars

Meet your academic advisors and learn about your Fall curriculum, waiver exams, upcoming and important events, information hubs, and ask any questions you may have.

UC Berkeley Community Events

While preparing to come to Haas, we encourage you to check out some of the activities and events in the Haas and UC Berkeley Community.

As a member of the UC Berkeley community, you are invited to ongoing events featuring the insights and expertise of UC Berkeley Leadership.

Dean’s Speaker Series

Bringing in a diverse mix of preeminent business leaders, the series provides the Haas community with insightful perspectives on effective leadership and opportunities for thought-provoking discussions. All speaker events will be live-streamed on the Berkeley Haas YouTube.

Berkeley Conversations

Through Q&A’s, seminars, and panel discussions, faculty from a wide range of disciplines—from epidemiology to economics to the computing and data now undergirding their work—will share what they know, and what they are learning. These conversations will be broadcasted live online.


Listen to this podcast to learn what current MBA students are up to.


Want to learn about the career trajectories of alumni? Listen to the OneHaas podcast!

Haas Faculty in the (Global) Community

Many Haas faculty have been called to comment on many COVID-19 related macroeconomic conditions and policies.

You can find links to articles and various speaking engagements for professors such as Ross Levine, Nancy Wallace, Severin Borenstein and more.

Center For Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL)

EGAL educates Equity Fluent Leaders to ignite and accelerate change. Equity Fluent Leaders understand the value of different lived experiences and courageously use their power to address barriers, increase access, and drive change for positive impact. EGAL hosts a number of events and programs throughout the year.

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