1. Change your name in University Records (ex. CalCentral)
    1. Complete the Petition for Change of Name and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. Instructions here > Change (or Correct) My Legal Name, with an email address to submit the form and documentation to.
    2. The name change will appear in approximately 2-3 weeks; you will not receive a notification when it is done. Check CalCentral for the name change.
    3. After the name change has been made, please also update the Berkeley Campus Directory. This will populate into bCourses.
  2. Once the name change has been made, students may also update their CalNet ID username and bMail email address (@berkeley).
    1. Users may make a one time change to their CalNet ID username in their CalNet Account Manager. More information and instructions are available here. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully.
    2. Users should then send an email with the following information to bConnected@berkeley.edu to request the change your bMail address:
      1. Previous Name
      2. Current Name
      3. UID (found in CalCentral > Profile > Basic Information)
      4. New CalNet ID
      5. Desired bMail address (must match CalNet ID)
  3. Notify the Program Office of the following:
    1. That your name has been changed in University systems. We will then change your name in Haas systems and notify HTS that your @berkeley/@mba email address needs to be updated. Please include:
      1. Previous First and Last Name
      2. Current First and Last Name
      3. New preferred @berkeley email address
    2. Request a new name plate and name badge (free of charge) via the Name Plate & Badge Replacement Form.
  4. Other systems:
    1. CareerNet
      1. Students may edit their name under My Profile > Main. However, you may not change the email address, program, class year, and graduation date.
      2. Email CMG at mbacareers@haas.berkeley.edu to notify them of the name change.
    2. CampusGroups
      1. Students may change their name and email address by going to “Edit Profile” and update fields as necessary.
    3. Slack
      1. The legal last name will be updated automatically, but display name and contact information should be updated by students to their preferred contact method.