Community-Use Furniture

Haas Facilities has community tables, high chairs, stanchions, and A frames available to our staff, faculty and students, for use at Haas-sanctioned events.

These items are located in Room F274, and may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Requestors must complete the sign-in, sign-out sheet located on the left-hand side of the wall before borrowing the items.

Please return items back in F274 after your use.

Get an Ergo Assessment

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries associated with bad posture, the overuse of muscles, and repeated tasks. Workplace ergonomic assessments help identify and promote better workplace layout, design, and equipment, to improve staff’s comfort and productivity.

Alternative Workstation Ergonomics

In light of the current Shelter-in-Place situation, Campus has information and updates on best practices during this time, including ergonomic tips for alternative workstations from University Health Services. Follow the Campus links below:

Requesting an Ergo Assessment

When you are ready to request for an ergo assessment of your workstation, please send an email to Facilities. Haas Facilities will send you information on how to complete a required online workshop. Once you have completed the workshop and some paperwork, Facilities will submit your request through University Health Services, which will schedule your ergo.

Please note, ergonomics matching grant funds can only be used once at any given department at UCB. Though if you already used your funds once at Haas, you can still arrange for an ergo assessment in your current workstation.

Key Access

Hard Keys

To gain access via hard (metal) key to assigned office space in our Haas Complex, please refer to your onboarding paperwork for approval confirmation. Once the Haas Facilities Department has received your key approval, please visit us at Room S549, Monday – Friday, to complete your access control paperwork.

Card Keys

If you received your Cal 1 Card, please contact our office to see if you are approved by UC Police Department for card key access.

Returning Keys

If you are separating or leaving Haas, all keys (hard keys and Cal 1 Card) must be returned to Facilities at Room S549. If Facilities staff are not available to receive your keys, you may leave them in the key drop box placed on top of the S549 service counter.

Lost and Found


The Haas Lost and Found department is located at the Student Services Building Mail Room, S545.

You can contact Lost and Found by email at, or by phone at 510-643-0576, Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 7 pm.


The UC Berkeley Campus Lost and Found is under the administration of the UC Police Department.

They are located at Sproul Hall, Room #1, and may be contacted through

Move My Office

Office moves at Haas is a process undertaken by both Haas Facilities and the Haas Project Team.

To begin planning an office move, please submit a Project Request Form here.

Please note that all proposed office moves are subject to approval by Haas Facilities and the Haas Project Team.

Office Unlocking

If you are locked out of your office space, please stop by Haas Facilities at Room S549, and one of our team members can provide access or a 24-hour loaner key, if available.

If you find yourself locked out after normal business hours (after 8:15 pm, Monday-Friday), on weekends, or on holidays, please contact our Security Guard at 510-292-7800.  Please note, this security phone number is only monitored after normal business hours.

Paper Shredding


Haas regularly has a Campus secure shred bin available at the Student Services Building Mail Room, S545.  Check in with the Mail Services Coordinator to submit your documents for shredding.

Haas may also accept paper for bulk shredding (free of charge) during its Haas Annual Clean-Up Day.  Follow the link to get details and the schedule for the Haas Annual Clean-Up Day.


For larger shredding needs, you may request for secure shred bins of up to 95 gallons from Campus Mail Services, which can provide these bins at a recharge fee.  CAL Shredding will ask for your COA (Chart of Account/chartstring) and request details and schedules.  To begin, please contact CAL Shredding directly at 510-643-6245.

Post a Flyer

Haas has designated bulletin boards* across its buildings for putting up posters, flyers, and signs.

All posters, flyers, and signs are subject to the following posting guidelines:

  • All postings must be printed on paper and dated
  • Postings may only be placed on designated bulletin boards*
  • No postings allowed on non-specified locations, including: all windows, doors, floors, and walls
*Designated Bulletin Board Locations:
Cheit Bldg., 1st Floor by C110
Cheit Bldg., 2nd Floor by C230
Cheit Bldg., 3rd Floor by C325
Chou Hall, 1st Floor by N170
Chou Hall, 2nd Floor by N270
Chou Hall, 3rd Floor by N370
Chou Hall, 4th Floor by N470
Chou Hall, 5th Floor by N570
Faculty Bldg., 3rd Floor near F371
Student Services Bldg., 3rd Floor outside S300

If you have any questions about your posting, feel free to email Facilities and we can assist.

Vending Machines

Campus manages and services all Haas vending machines.

If you would like to report an issue, such as an out-of-service machine, payment problem, or to submit suggestions, please call 510-644-4135.  They will ask for an asset number, which should be marked on the vending machine.

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