The Haas School building, designed by the renowned architect Charles Moore, is a mini-campus of three connected buildings set around a central courtyard. The buildings were designed to create a sense of community by fostering business and educational interactions among students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

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The complex features an ultramodern computer lab, a comprehensive career center, and a large business and economics library. All parts of the building are wired for the 21st century. Classrooms, lecture halls, and seminar rooms throughout the school are equipped to receive video, audio, and electronic data, including wireless computer access.

An executive education and distance-learning classroom features four installed video cameras, and is equipped to webcast live. At library tables, classroom seats, and in lounges, students can connect laptop computers directly to the Haas server and the Internet.

Building Facts

  • Construction began: 1992
  • Date opened: 1995
  • Total square feet: 200,000
  • Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
  • Cost: $55 million, financed entirely through private donations

Quick Directory

Andersen Auditorium F295 Faculty Bldg
Bank of America Forum F361 Faculty Bldg
Berkeley Business Academy for Youth (BBAY) C138 Cheit Bldg
Berkeley Executive Education Office F299 Faculty Bldg
Café Think N200 Chou Hall
Career Management Group S330 Student Svs Bldg
Computer Center S300 Student Svs Bldg
Dean’s Suite S520, S522 Student Svs Bldg
Evening & Weekend MBA Program Office S440 Student Svs Bldg
Executive Classroom S480 Student Svs Bldg
Faculty Offices 4th-6th Floors Faculty Bldg
Mail Room S545 Student Svs Bldg
Masters of Financial Engineering Office 5th Floor Faculty Bldg
MBA for Executives Program Office S460 Student Svs Bldg
MBA Lounge 3rd Floor Faculty Bldg
MBA (Full-time) Program Office S420 Student Svs Bldg
Professional Faculty Offices F502 Faculty Bldg
Research Centers & Institues 4th-6th Floors Faculty Bldg
Spieker Forum 6th Floor Chou Hall
Thomas J. Long Business Library 2nd-3rd Floors Student Svs Bldg
Undergraduate Lounge 3rd Floor Faculty Bldg
Undergraduate Program Office S450 Student Svs Bldg
Wells Fargo Room 4th Floor Cheit Bldg

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