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Chou Hall has now become the first University to achieve WELL Certification. This rigorous process, administered by GBCI, ensures a focus on health and wellness of students, faculty and staff who use the building. Categories include Air and Water Quality, Light, Comfort, Nourishment, Fitness and Mind. Chou Hall achieved 41 different preconditions within these categories.  For more information about WELL Certification, visit their website. Please note that it will ask you to sign in to access documents , but there is no charge to do so.

Recalibrate is part of the Berkeley implementation of the UC systemwide Healthy Campus Network iniative. It’s a web-based hub that helps users take advantage of a wealth of wellness campus resouces at UC Berkeley. Users can search the site using various modes (by their position as Student, Faculty or Staff; by how they are feeling “I’m feeling stressed out”; or by looking through Digital Media clips). Use this resource to find classes, appointments with dieticians, and many other helpful resources available to the Berkeley community.

Visit Berkeley Wellness for daily coverage of a wide range of topics from nutrition and supplements to stress and sleep. Students, faculty and staff can all access this website developed by the School of Public Health. This is a great resource for finding factual, science-based answers to all of your health-related questions. It makes use of many journals and other reliable sources, including the award-winning UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. It’s a great resource for searching by a particular topic, and you can also sign up to get (free) expert advice from Berkeley Wellness delivered straight to your email inbox.

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Students, faculty and staff can all take advantage of the resources available through the University Library system.  Visit the Long Business Library located in the Student Services Building, where our library staff can help you find what you are looking for, and place orders for materials available through other campus libraries.  For suggestions on health and wellness topics, visit this curated list of available materials prepared by our librarians.

Café Think, located on the second floor of Chou Hall, takes a holistic approach to food, following responsible food production practices, limiting excessive calories, and supporting humane and sustainable agriculture. The menu features a changing seasonal mix of deliciously healthy, sustainable, and plant-forward foods.

Faculty who have need of ergonomic aids (such as tables to sit at instead of standing at podiums, and anti-fatigue mats) for use in Chou Hall can access them by emailing: [email protected].