Coronavirus and its impact on the workplace: Berkeley Haas experts


Berkeley Haas has a wide range of experts who can talk about how the coronavirus is impacting businesses and the economy, putting leaders to the test, and changing workplaces.

More people may soon be working remotely than ever before. These experts can talk about the repercussions of this unprecedented situation:

David Levine

Topics: Management practices in large corporations and multinationals, procedures and norms around behavior change and hygiene programs, macroeconomics

Clark Kellogg

Topics: Working remotely, resilient responses and creative problem solving in the midst of chaos

Molly Turner

Topics: Impact of telecommuting on urban development, urban innovation, technology and cities, economic development and tourism policy

Sahar Yousef

Topics: How to maintain productivity, effectiveness, and motivation across teams while people are working from home

Gregory La Blanc

Topics: Future of work, disruption

Marissa Saretsky

Topics: Responsible steps that business must take to protect employees, suppliers, and customers

Rebecca Portnoy

Topics: Remote work, virtual meetings, leadership creating engaging experiences

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