Berkeley Haas has a wide range of experts who can talk about how the coronavirus is impacting businesses and the economy, putting leaders to the test, and changing workplaces.

The following experts are available to talk to you about the impact the coronavirus outbreak is having on the economy and markets:

David Levine

Topics: Management practices in large corporations and multinationals, procedures and norms around behavior change and hygiene programs, impacts of high and low wages and of education in the business sector, labor economics, macroeconomics.

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Why Workplace Hygiene Should Be More Than Just Hand-Washing

Laura D. Tyson

Topics: Economic impact on global, U.S. and California economies; trade and competitiveness; jobs and disruption

James A. Wilcox

Topics: Macroeconomics and markets, Federal Reserve policy, recessions, business conditions, banking, consumer spending, unemployment and inflation

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Will rate cuts stave off a U.S. recession?

Severin Borenstein

Topics: Oil prices, energy markets

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Coronavirus effect: California gas prices to drop amid turmoil

Enrico Moretti

Topics: Urban economics, labor economics, economics of cities and regions, real estate

Jerome Dodson

Topics: Stock market impacts

Kevin Coldiron

Topics: Stock market impacts, finance

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