Berkeley Haas has a wide range of experts who can talk about how the coronavirus is impacting businesses and the economy, putting leaders to the test, and changing workplaces.


The following experts are available to talk about how the virus is affecting leadership teams, communication in the workplace, and more:


Jennifer Chatman

Topics: Organizational culture, crisis leadership, coronavirus impact on work and productivity, general management


Ellen Evers

Topics: Influence of fear and other emotions on behavior, risk perceptions, risk communication, judgement and decision making


Don Moore

Topics: Confidence and overconfidence regarding the course of the pandemic; remote work and productivity in self-quarantine; crisis leadership; managing people at a distance


Juliana Schroeder

Topics: Differences between online and offline communication, judgment and decision making, interpersonal and intergroup processes


Karlene Roberts

Topics: Managing crises, highly reliable organizations, organizational resilience


Kurt Beyer

Topics: Innovation during recessions, strategy, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship in large organizations


Alex Budak

Topics: Leadership, management, and adapting to/thriving during change and uncertainty


Peter Wilton

Topics: Leadership and general management; impacts on innovation and customer loyalty in turbulent times


For information on these experts who can speak to the stresses leadership team members are facing in the wake of the coronavirus, click on either of their icons at the top or bottom of the screen or their hyperlinked names.


Need help finding an expert? Contact Laura Counts in media relations: [email protected] or 510.643.9977.