Berkeley Haas has a wide range of experts who can talk about how the coronavirus is impacting businesses and the economy, putting leaders to the test, and changing workplaces.

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Economic Impact

David Levine

Professor | Chair, Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group

[email protected]

(925) 899-5938

Topics: Macroeconomics, management practices in large corporations and multinationals, hygiene programs in developing nations, impacts of high and low wages and of education in the business sector


Laura D. Tyson

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School | Faculty Director, Institute for Business & Social Impact

[email protected]

Assistant: Cynthia Okita [email protected]

Topics: Economic impact on global, U.S. and California economies; trade and competitiveness; jobs and disruption


James A. Wilcox

Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy and Finance

[email protected]

(510) 642-2455

Topics: Macroeconomics and markets, recessions, Federal Reserve policy, business conditions, banking, consumer spending, unemployment and inflation


Enrico Moretti

Professor, Real Estate

[email protected]

510 642-6649

Topics: Urban economics, labor economics, economics of cities and regions, real estate

Jerome Dodson

Professional Faculty, Responsible Business

[email protected]

Topics: Stock market



Management, Leadership & Communication

Jennifer Chatman

Professor of Management, Management of Organizations Group

[email protected]

(510) 642-4723

Topics: Organizational culture, crisis leadership, coronavirus impact on work and productivity, general management


Ellen Evers

Assistant Professor, Marketing

[email protected]

Topics: Influence of fear and other emotions on behavior, risk perceptions, risk communication, judgement and decision making


 Don Moore

Professor, Management of Organizations

[email protected]

(510) 642-1059

Topics: Confidence and overconfidence regarding the course of the pandemic; remote work and productivity in self-quarantine; crisis leadership; managing people at a distance


Juliana Schroeder

Assistant Professor, Management of Organizations

[email protected]


Topics: Differences between online and offline communication, judgment and decision making, interpersonal and intergroup processes


Kurt Beyer

Senior Lecturer, Entrepreneurship

[email protected]

(415) 412-9551

Topics: Entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy; entrepreneurship and innovation during recessions; intrapreneurship in large organizations


Alex Budak

Lecturer, Management of Organizations

[email protected]

Topics: Leadership, management, and adapting to/thriving during change and uncertainty


Peter Wilton

Senior Lecturer, Marketing

[email protected]

(415) 425-5151

Topics: Leadership and general management; impacts on innovation and customer loyalty in turbulent times


 Workplace Impacts & Remote Work

Clark Kellogg

Lecturer in Creativity, Design, and Innovation

[email protected]

(510) 388-2967

Topics: Working remotely, resilient responses and creative problem solving in the midst of chaos


Molly Turner

Lecturer, Business & Public Policy

[email protected]

Topics: Impact of telecommuting on urban development, urban innovation, technology and cities, economic development and tourism policy


Marissa Saretsky

Lecturer, Responsible Business

[email protected]

Topics: Responsible steps that business must take to protect employees, suppliers, and customers; how can businesses take a leadership role in the crisis


Rebecca Portnoy

Professional Faculty, Management of Organizations

[email protected]

(206) 890 8374

Topics: Leadership, remote work, virtual meetings, creating engaging experiences



Adam Leipzig

Lecturer, Persuasive Communication & Interpersonal Dynamics

[email protected]


Topics: Impact on the film, entertainment, media, content creation and creative industries