Molly Turner was inspired by her work as Airbnb’s first policy person to create the Berkeley Haas course “Tech and the City: How to get urban innovation right.”

Now Turner’s course has inspired a new podcast, “Technopolis,” produced by The Atlantic’s CityLab. Turner co-hosts with Jim Kapsis, a Washington D.C.-based start-up advisor. The first eight-episode season launched Feb 26.

Each episode is inspired by “a technology that is remaking, disrupting, or overrunning our cities in some way, good or bad,” Turner says. In some cases it’s a specific company, in others it’s a concept such as autonomous vehicles.

“We start by asking what we know about it right now, and then we bring in guests to broaden our thinking and ask the questions people aren’t asking about this stuff,” Turner says. “What could this mean for cities 50 years from now? What are some of the impacts that no one is planning for, and some of the unintended consequences, both good and bad? And what does it mean for our lives in cities, and how cities govern.”

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