Senior Lecturer (recalled)

World renowned thought leader on strategic innovation, digital disruption and organizational transformation, and customer loyalty architectures


Although formally educated as a marketer and psychometrician, Peter Wilton today works at the intersection of strategy, innovation/digital transformation, and customer experience, to help organizations sustain their relevance and leadership in ever evolving markets. Based upon empirical evidence, first-hand industry experience, and extensive advising to a diverse mix of private sector, public sector, and non-profit organizations globally, Wilton has developed a portfolio of unique frameworks, tools and methodologies for designing and implementing:

  • Integrated innovation strategies that allow managers to better understand and articulate the strategic role innovation can play in sustaining the organization’s resilience, link innovation investments to tangible business performance outcomes, and integrate many disparate innovation tools and methodologies into a cohesive innovation capability architecture:
  • Strategies for responding to, or leading, market disruption and the reframing of customer value in all industries, including the use of digital platforms to lead organizational transformation and to identify and capture the emerging value migration opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Strategies for delivering differentiated customer value and experience that results in enduring customer franchise, and hence profitability, growth, and reputation for the organization. This opportunity goes beyond popular NPS metrics to help managers better understand the true role and value of customer loyalty in business and financial performance, and more importantly, to help managers identify opportunities for improving customer loyalty in ways that pioneer new forms of value previously unrecognized by other providers.

Wilton brings a unique mix of academic and business insight to business strategy, having served as a Senior Product Manager for Colgate, a leading global consumer products company, as well as Chief Operating Officer for Myer Pacific Holdings, a proactive private investment firm managing a mix of existing and new business enterprises. He is a Principal of ORBIS Associates, a private consulting firm serving a diverse portfolio of clients globally, and is a member of Blackbird, a venture capital firm.

Wilton has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships for his work in management, including several from the prestigious National Science Foundation, as well as the Marketing Science Institute. In the U.S., he has been recognized by Business Week magazine as one of the country’s leading business instructors, and has been acknowledged in the “Who’s Who” Registry of Leading American Executives.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Strategic Innovation
  • Digital Disruption & Organizational Transformation
  • Customer Value/Customer Loyalty Strategy
  • Product Management Strategy
  • Global Strategy & International Management
  • Competitive Strategy for High-Technology Organizations
  • Competitive Strategy for Financial Service Organizations
  • Emerging Business Models and Opportunities in Health Care