Fall 2001

Last Updated: January 9, 2002

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 4:15-5:45 pm in Room C110 Cheit Hall (except for November 29). These seminars are free and are open to the public.

September 6 Thursday

Gilles Chemla (University of British Columiba)
An Analysis of Shareholder Agreements (with Michel Habib, CEPR and LBS; and Alexander Ljungqvist, NYU) (pdf file)

September 13 Thursday

Terry Hendershott (UC Berkeley)
Adverse Selection, Liquidity Provision, and Trading Costs After Hours (with Michael Barclay, University of Pennsylvania) (pdf file)

September 20 Thursday — Joint Finance-Real Estate Seminar

Steven Grenadier (Stanford University)
Option Exercise Games: An Application to the Equilibrium Investment Strategies of Firms”

September 27 Thursday

David Musto (University of Pennsylvania)
Stocks are Special Too: An Analysis of the Equity Lending Market (with Christopher Geczy, University of Pennsylvania; and Adam Reed, University of North Carolina) (pdf file)

October 4 Thursday

Espen Eckbo (Dartmouth College)
Risk and Long-Run IPO Returns (with Oyvind Norli, University of Toronto) (pdf file)

October 11 Thursday

Larry Epstein (University of Rochester)
Recursive Multiple Priors (with Martin Schneider, UCLA) (pdf file)

October 18 Thursday

James Brander (University of British Columbia)
Venture Capital Syndication: Improved Venture Selection versus the Value-Added Hypothesis (with Raphael Amit, University of Pennsylvania; and Werner Antweiler, UBC)

October 25 Thursday

Paul Gertler (UC Berkeley)
Ownership, Efficiency and the Market Value of Hospitals (with Jennifer Kuan, Stanford University) (pdf file)

November 1 Thursday

No Seminar – BPF

November 8 Thursday

Didier Cossin (HEC-University of Lausanne)
Exploring for the Determinants of Credit Risk in Credit Default Swap Transaction Data (with Tomas Hricko, HEC-University of Lausanne) (pdf file)

November 15 Thursday

Jure Skarabot (UC Berkeley)
Asset Securitization and Optimal Asset Structure of the Firm (pdf file)

November 22 Thursday

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 29 Thursday

Joint Berkeley-Stanford Seminar AT STANFORD
2:30-5:30 pm, Graduate School of Business, Room 172

Berkeley Speaker: Mark Seasholes, Firm-Level Momentum: Theory and Evidence (with Jacob Sagi, UC Berkeley) (pdf file)

Stanford Speaker: Ilan Kremer, Community Effects and Externalities in Portfolio Choice (with Peter DeMarzo, Stanford University; and Ron Kaniel, University of Texas, Austin) (pdf file)

December 6 Thursday

Lubos Pastor (University of Chicago)
Liquidity Risk and Expected Stock Returns (with Robert Stambaugh, University of Pennsylvania)