Spring 2017

Updated: May 9, 2017

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 11:10 am-12:30 pm in room C330 Cheit Hall. These seminars are free and are open to the public.

Faculty Coordinator, Spring 2017 Seminars: Professor Annette Vissing-Jorgensen

January 19 Thursday

No Seminar

January 26 Thursday

Job Market Candidate

February 2 Thursday

Job Market Candidate

February 9 Thursday

No Seminar

February 16 Thursday

No Seminar

February 23 Thursday

No Seminar

March 2 Thursday

Jean-Noel Barrot (MIT)
Import Competition and Household Debt

March 9 Thursday

Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton)
China’s Model of Managing the Financial System (w. Michael Sockin and Wei Xiong) (pdf)

March 16 Thursday

Thomas Philippon (NYU)
Competition, Governance, and Investment

March 23 Thursday

No Seminar

March 30 Thursday

Spring Break – No Seminar

April 6 Thursday

Leonid Kogan (MIT)
Accuracy Verification for Numerical Solutions of Equilibrium Models (w. Indrajit Mitra) (pdf)

April 13 Thursday

Adi Sunderam (Harvard)
The Cross Section of Bank Value

April 20 Thursday

Joint Stanford-Berkeley Finance Seminar at Stanford
(Link to Schedule)

April 27 Thursday

Gregor Matvos (University of Chicago)
Search and Screening in Credit Markets: Evidence from the US Mortgage Market

May 4 Thursday

Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe (LSE)
How Sensitive is Young Firm Investment to the Cost of Outside Equity? Evidence from a UK Tax Relief (pdf)

May 11 Thursday

Kyle Herkenhoff (University of Minnesota)
The Impact of Consumer Credit Access on Employment, Earnings, and Entrepreneurship (pdf)

For more information about the Finance Seminars, please contact Jaime Hauk at (510) 642-1499 or e-mail her at: [email protected]